Hi, I'm Jan Junloy,
Currently an Art Director at The King Agency.
Based in Richmond, Virginia.

about me

I am a multidisciplinary designer & art director with an eye for pixel perfection and passion for problem-solving.

I was born in Thailand, lived a couple of years there and a few years
in China and Korea. Being in unusual situations where I've had to learn new traditions and terminology has nurtured me to become adaptive and empathetic.

I'm interested in doing work that solves problems for brands as
well as for the people. I love seeing results, and I'm looking for the next opportunity to challenge myself creatively.

VISUAL Design / UX design / ART DIRECTION / digital marketing / GRAPHIC DESIGN / product design / UX design / graphic design / website design

Digital marketing / Social media  / UI DESIGN / brand identity/ graphic Design / social media / UX design / graphic design / website design