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How to Play

1. Each player starts off with 5 trait cards. Always have 5 trait cards in hand.

2. Players can decide at which end they want to start the game. 

3. The player who has been single the longest goes first, then the player to the left.

4. If the player lands on a “Scenario” space, pick up the top card from Scenario deck and follow     

    the instructions on the card

5. If the player lands on a “Match” space, pick up the top card from the Character deck.

a. Place the Character card face down.

b. Other players will put 1 Trait card face down without letting the Match player know which      card belongs to which player.

c. Match player will reveal the Character card showing the character's likes and dislikes.

d. The player with the Character card picks the winner for the best Character and Trait card       match based on the cards that were played.

e. The winner of the Match gets to keep the Character card

f.  Discard the used Trait cards

g. If players run out of Trait cards at any point in the game, they may use

    the discarded Trait cards and recycle them into the game,

6. The player with the most matches when the last player reached the last space wins the game!

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CARD BACK-41.jpg

Example round of "Match"

Character Cards

Trait Cards