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Brand Extension + Product Innovation

The expectations for brands today are high. Consumers want to know what good a brand is doing for the world beyond just selling products and services. How can Fitbit, a brand dedicated to health and fitness, extend its offerings in a way that benefits the world?

Introducing...Fitbit Mind


As a brand committed to improving people’s relationship with their health, Fitbit can extend past physical health to include mental health. Despite 87% of adults believing that mental health and physical health are equally important, this is a completely new frontier for both the brand and the smartwatch category.

By including mental health in their definition of a healthier life, Fitbit can once again be a category trailblazer and play a role in de-stigmatizing the conversation around mental health. 

Onboard Design

Jan Junloy - Art Director

Onboard Screen design & illustration / Concept video storyboard

Michelle Lee - Brand Strategist

Design brief / Brand strategy / Concept video script & Voiceover

Michelle McGuire - Strategist

Design brief / Brand strategy / Consumer research

Tika Appaiah - Experience Designer

Wireframe design / Concept video storyboard

Daniel Huffine - Experience Designer

Wireframe design / Copy editor / Concept video

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