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Hi, I’m Jan Junloy.

An Art Director student at the VCU Brandcenter (Richmond, VA).

I was born in Bangkok, Thailand, lived a couple of years there and in China. Then, I finally moved to Northern Virginia in 2007, and the rest is history.

I’ve spent most of my life traveling and living in between cultures. Being in unusual situations where I've had to learn new systems, traditions and terminology have nurtured me to become highly adaptive and open-minded. In fact, I’ve developed my interests in foreign languages, musics, movies, and trends because of the way I was raised. I am not bound by a singular culture, but rather by a variety of cultures around the world. I believe these qualifications are important to have when working in the advertising industry.

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– My life as a Third Culture Kid

– Alpha Phi Omega

– Color guard

Oooo, I also like to bake on my free time.

Guinness Beer infused chocolate cake with Bailey’s Irish Cream frosting. Topped with Brandy filled chocolate (Left)

This cake won the Brandcenter Bake off competition!

Cupcake bouquet with Cap’n Crunch cereal filled vase. A valentine gift for my friend. (Right)